CHRISTMAS: Is it Christian, or Pagan?

Jesus’ exact birthday is not recorded in the Bible, the reason Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, and the Igelsia Ni Cristo boycott Christmas. But what is important is the fact that Jesus was born, not the exact date He was born.

The earliest Christians had no fixed date for observing Christmas. January 6, April 18, and May 18 were some of the dates they used. Hippolytus (170-236) calculated that Jesus was born on December 25, in the 42nd year, which eventually became the official Christmas day.

The early Christians’ objection was the drinking, partying, and immorality with Christmas festivities. When the worship of Christ is not the focus, and attention to Christ is lost in over-busy Christmas activities, Christmas can turn into a pagan holiday. Let us make Christ the real reason for the Christmas season.