Support Groups


What is a support group?

Support Groups are small groups of people who meet together to discuss a common challenge group members are experiencing. Usually there are 8 to 12 meetings. Each meeting is 1½ hours.
Groups are led by a trained facilitator who helps members discover and practice methods to be resourceful and resilient during a difficult time.


Life Lines

Cope with Insurmountable Loss

Experienced Divorce?…Separation?…Loss of a Loved One, or SOMETHING that was very important to you?…Or something that was very critical not work out as planned?

Come and learn proven coping techniques to help get you through this very strenuous time

8 Sessions
Starting Sat., August 12
10:00am to 11:30am
Welcome Center on church campus

Set Free

Break a Hard Habit for Good

Have you ever said.. “That’s it…I’m through…Never again!” and then sometime later you did it again? Or "Today I will begin ___ on a regular basis"…. and AGAIN it falls to the wayside?

Let us help…

Learn how to establish new habits to replace the old unwanted ones.

12 Sessions
Starting Thurs. August 24
6:00pm to 7:30 pm
Welcome Center on the church campus

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Life LineSet Free